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The use range of degradable plastic bags in Chengdu's farmers market is small

by:LINYANG     2020-01-27

March 7

plastic bags have long been a part of our daily life. Due to excessive use and inadequate recycling, it has also caused serious waste of energy resources and environmental pollution. In particular, ultra-thin plastic shopping bags are easy to break, and most of them are discarded at will, becoming'White pollution'The main source.

'Plastic Limit Order' What is the implementation of the Chengdu market in the past five years? Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Chengdu consumers Association that the municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce, and the municipal Consumer Association will jointly organize from March 5 to March 7. Plastic Limit Order' Special supervision and inspection of the implementation, organization of municipal people's congress representatives, CPPCC members, duty supervisors, consumer representatives, etc, supervise and inspect the use and sales of plastic shopping bags in shopping malls, supermarkets, farmers' markets and catering enterprises in our city. It is reported that this special inspection is also this year. '3 in ·15'One of the series of activities.

514 farmers' markets in Chengdu

only 10 are still promoting'Degradable' , The scope of use is small

yesterday two o'clock P. M. , frozen green vegetable market. The citizens who buy food come and go, and many consumers who come out of the vegetable market are carrying large and small plastic shopping bags. A closer look shows that the plastic bags carried by consumers are different from those commonly seen in vegetable markets on weekdays: the words of the municipal farmers' association are printed on the bags, and there are triangular plastic recycling signs below. ' This plastic bag is a recyclable and degradable environment-friendly plastic bag. The frozen green tree vegetable market is one of the farmers' markets that promote environment-friendly and degradable plastic bags in our city at present. Such environment-friendly bags are all paid for use. '

According to the introduction of Ning Dexiang, secretary general of the municipal Farmers Market Association, the city has promoted the use of environmentally friendly degradable plastic bags since September 2011. At the end of the year, it is found that only 50 of the 514 farmers' markets in the city are still being promoted; At the end of 2012, only 10 farmers' markets in the city were still being promoted and used, and the figure of ultra-thin plastic bags emerged one after another in the vegetable market. ' Environmental protection is everyone's business. Only by vigorously advocating can more and more businesses and consumers consciously abide by it'Plastic Limit Order'. ' From the inspection, it was found that some large supermarkets in our city can basically use plastic bags for a fee according to regulations, but some small supermarkets have the phenomenon of mixing ultra-thin plastic bags with reusable shopping bags, the phenomenon of operators using ultra-thin plastic bags in the farmer's market is even more prominent.

qualified degradable

appeal to the public to revisit the vegetable basket

It is understood that after this supervision and inspection, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce, and the Municipal Consumers Association will organize relevant enterprises and industry associations to hold symposiums, report supervision and inspection, organize relevant industry associations to carry out industry self-discipline activities, and issue brochures. For those who refuse to rectify, the municipal Development and Reform Commission will jointly carry out special rectification with relevant departments. ' The qualified plastic bags circulating in the market today are not all degradable plastic bags. There are only 7 manufacturers producing such degradable plastic bags in the country. There are no such manufacturers in Chengdu. ' The person in charge of the city Consumers Association said that the qualified degradable plastic bags, although the plastic bags that consumers pay for when shopping in some shopping malls and supermarkets are qualified plastic bags, but the extensive use will still have an impact on the environment. ' It is recommended that when the public buys food, they can re-load the cloth bag and re-pick the vegetable basket. Everyone is building a pleasant Chengdu. '

City Consumers Association Reminds Consumers: do not use ultra-thin plastic bags. First, the ultra-thin plastic bags are banned by the state, and the raw materials used are unknown, which cannot guarantee the quality of the products; Second, ultra-thin plastic bags are easy to break, easy to be discarded at will, and cannot be naturally degraded, causing great environmental pollution; Third, if you need to use a plastic bag, you should use the label'China's environmental Logo',' National standard plastic shopping bag GB/T'And'QS”Logo degradable plastic bag.

plastic bags have caused great pollution to the environment. The cost of environmentally friendly degradable plastic bags is high and has not been widely promoted. In order to protect our environment, we should use as few ultra-thin plastic bags as possible, multi-purpose environmentally friendly degradable plastic bags.

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