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The use of the tarpaulins and matters needing attention

by:LINYANG     2020-03-25
There are many different kinds of tarpaulins and all walks of life are available, the scope of the tarpaulin factory list for you need tarpaulins and use the matters needing attention, facilitate everybody to choose. Tarpaulins scope of application: agriculture: forage drying, storage grain and cotton, tobacco, paper making raw material storage, grassland pasture cover to prevent sand, greenhouse vegetables set cover; Forces: the need to use waterproof cloth; Shipping: awning, bulk sheet, cargo cover; Tent: tourism and fieldwork with tents, relief tents; Industrial and mining enterprises, printing factory printing tablecloth; Rare earth ore reservoir of seepage prevention of cloth; Car transport, car tent; Railway transportation: the train CARDS and battlefield waterproof tarpaulins; Floating loose advertising: light box advertising, balloons, building bearing banners cloth; Dock port: open-air warehouse with waterproof, sunscreen, protective tarpaulin; Construction site: overlay building materials and building sites and protective cloth, packaging machinery packaging machine, etc. ; Three prevention headquarters: stockpile, large dam seepage prevention with tarpaulin; Cultivation: to do all kinds of shutter farms, pig farms, cattle, chicken farm shutter, etc. ; Other products deep processing industry: leather shoes, rain cover, apron, knight motorcycle, car cover, bags, stage greenhouses, canvas, canvas bag, etc. Use instructions: tarpaulin products with 100% waterproof, strong weatherability, mouldproof, flame retardant, According to the requirement to self-extinguishing) , and high strength and resistance to acid and alkali, but in the process of use and strong solvents ( Such as ethers, ketone, etc. ) And oils ( Gasoline, diesel oil, vegetable oil) And lipid contact, lest cause degumming or hardening of the phenomenon. ( If you need special requirements can be further order) In addition, do the hood, awning, when using must make tarpaulin http://www with the rope. linyangpvc。 Com/taut, avoid unnecessary loss caused by tarpaulins fall off, especially the truck tarpaulin.
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