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The use of pvc film and some of its properties

by:LINYANG     2020-06-20
Polyvinyl chloride is a plastic variety second only to polyethylene. As the second most used plastic material in the world, it has a stability that is not easily corroded by acids and alkalis. It has good heat resistance and heat resistance. The high-quality nature of its ability, like polyethylene, its light weight, mass production, and low cost, so it is concerned and trusted by merchants, and also praised by consumers. In recent years, the birth of pvc film has brought a breakthrough to polyvinyl chloride. This pvc film can be used in many aspects, such as gift packaging, cosmetics, clothing and textiles, beauty salons, nail supplies, stationery, ID card holder tags, Toys, food packaging, hardware tools, clocks, electronics and other daily necessities and crafts. ????There is a kind of pvc transparent film in the form of cling film, which is also a kind of plastic product that is used more in our lives. The coloring of PVC film is also a more critical issue, which involves processing stability, migration and other properties, so it has certain difficulties, but it is also a key to the success of this material. Solve it It can be better used and recognized by consumers.
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