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The use of CPP protective film in various industries

by:LINYANG     2020-02-23
The position of CPP protective film in the plastic film industry has been greatly improved in recent years. CPP is polypropylene produced by casting extrusion process (PP)Film. In the PP family, CPP is famous for its strong performance advantages and good performance in various industries. First of all, why CPP is getting higher and higher status, of course, this is inseparable from its characteristics: first, compared with LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PET, PVG and other films, the cost is lower and the output is higher, this makes CPP occupy a more favorable cost advantage as soon as it comes out; Compared with the protective film made of PE material with the largest usage, CPP shows higher stiffness than it, and has excellent moisture and barrier properties; Some physical and chemical properties of CPP show that it can be used as the base film of composite materials and can be metallized; CPP film, which can be used as food and commodity packaging and outer packaging, also has excellent demonstrability, making the product still clearly visible under packaging. CPP's current uses include: clothing, knitwear and flower packaging bags; Small bag; Outer packaging; File and photo album films; Food packaging; And metallized films suitable for barrier packaging and decoration. Potential uses include: Blister Packaging (Instead of PVC); Food packaging; Candy packaging (Twisted conjunctiva); Drug Packaging (Infusion bag); Replacing PVG in areas such as photo albums, folders and files; Synthetic paper; Adhesive tape; Cover page of the report; Business card holder; Ring folder and standing bag composite material. CPP film has such a great attraction, because the cost is low, compared with PET, LLDPE, LDPE and other materials, with the price advantage. Compared with LLDPE, 5% ~ The price difference of 10% plus the density difference of 2% is the attraction. Furthermore, due to the inherent rapid cooling properties of cast films, excellent finish and transparency can be formed. For packaging purposes requiring high definition, this feature makes PP film the preferred material. It can provide transparent windows to make the contents clearly visible, especially suitable for flexible packaging market. After Corona treatment, it is convenient to use various processes for printing. This characteristic improves the final appearance of the film. CPP has excellent heat resistance. Since PP softening point is about 140 ℃, this kind of film can be applied to hot filling, retort pouch, aseptic packaging and other fields. In addition, it has excellent acid, alkali and grease resistance, making it the preferred material in the fields of bread product packaging or laminated materials. Its food contact is safe and its demonstration performance is excellent, which will not affect the flavor of the inner food, and different grades of resin can be selected to obtain the required characteristics.
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