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The use characteristics of three-proof tarpaulin

by:LINYANG     2022-09-30
Three-proof tarpaulin refers to the tarpaulin that is fireproof, waterproof and sunscreen, and it is also a commonly used product. We can learn about its use characteristics from the tarpaulin manufacturer. The three-proof tarpaulin is generally made of special fiber technology, which has a strong effect and can play a protective role in harsh conditions such as humidity, smoke, chemical gas, etc., and can withstand high temperature, good sealing, and no irritation. It has good properties, good corrosion resistance, no burning, high toughness, and can be used on objects of any shape. In addition, it is also easy to carry, easy to fold, use for a long time, and requires high tensile strength and tear strength. The three-proof tarpaulin mainly has the above characteristics. It can be used in fire protection clothing, fire blankets, fire protection bags, electric welding, fire curtains and other products. The three-proof cloth can also be used in the environment of humidity, steam, smoke, and chemical gas, and can play a good protective role. Then, the three-proof tarpaulin is also suitable for fire protection fire clothing, fire curtains, fire blankets, fire protection bags, electric welding, fireproof canvas walls and so on. In addition, in fact, it can also be used as a tarpaulin for trains, automobiles, and as a tarpaulin for grain storage, docks, and warehouses, just like ordinary tarpaulins. So in this way, its application range is still very wide.
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