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The traditional classification of protective film market is how to

by:LINYANG     2020-03-21
According to the traditional meaning, protective film, from the literal is a kind of to protect the damage on the surface of the film. Its purpose is to prevent the protected base material surface during the process of transport, assembly, or processing damage or contamination. Protective film will always stick in protected base material surface, jilted off until the products delivered to the user. Traditional classification is basically USES up to distinguish, protective film market earlier, use the protective film is not as now so widely, protective film technology did not meet the requirements of now, the classification of the protective film market mainly divided into: traditional protective film, graphic display panels protective film, high-tech electronics industry with protective film. Traditional protective film, such as galvanized steel protective film, color steel plate protective film, glass or plastic protective film, etc. Such traditional protective film belongs to the low added value of the application, the performance and the crystal point requirements is low, and for the glue type protective film. Graphic display panels protective film: applications include, TFT - LCD flat panel display module, backlight modules, glass, and various optical components such as polarizing film, color filter, etc. Such protective film on the viscosity and crystal point with high requirements of control, belong to the application of high added value, high technology threshold. High-tech electronics industry with protective film, such as dry film ( 干膜) Use or wafer grinding process of the protective film. Such protective film usually need to clean indoor production, and the requirement for crystal point is very stringent. Only a handful of protective film makers have sufficient technical capabilities to meet these requirements.
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