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The third consideration of selecting plasticizer varieties for blown film-Low temperature performance

by:LINYANG     2020-02-02

low temperature performance

Dioctyl adipate, dioctyl sebacate, epoxy ester and diphenyl phosphate monooctyl ester are cold-resistant plasticizers, which play a great role in improving low temperature performance in agricultural films, otherwise, even if the total amount of plasticizer increases, the low temperature performance will not improve much.

epoxy ester is a recommended cold-resistant plasticizer in agricultural films, especially adding epoxy ester to barium-cadmium stabilizer system has synergistic effect. After it is added, it still has obvious thermal stabilization effect, greatly improving the thermal aging performance of the product, and increasing the thermal stability and low-temperature softness of the product, which is exactly what we need. However, epoxy ester also has its disadvantages, I . e. the plasticizing performance is not ideal enough, especially under the condition of low temperature, the surface flowering phenomenon is more serious, and 5 ~ is generally added to the formula of agricultural film ~ 7 parts of epoxy ester is more suitable.

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