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The study state of the blessed - fujian

by:LINYANG     2020-03-10
The early on May 23, Yang xie total - in the MCA capital miracle students association The establishment ceremony of fujian branch. Fuzhou, not the kui is a blessed state, a good place to gather the positive energy, the visit not only participated in the ceremony of the establishment of the branch, also listen to softbank saif Lu Hao Mr About wonderful share of capital and the enterprise integration, examines the international famous brand creative home - — Beautiful high impression household, visit the eighth generation successor Zheng Zujie yong chun quan and national nonmaterial cultural heritage 'fujian traditional wing chun' pavilion, a visit to the fujian officer lane, lam's former residence, along the way, is extraordinary energy! Together we look xie total trip wonderful: softbank saif Lu Hao how total share capital in fujian branch for the enterprise with wings off the high impression home visit beautiful impression since its establishment, output value by 100% a year growth going forward. It has two cabinet body manufacturing factories in China and five supporting factory, sales outlets all over Shanghai, jiangsu and other regions. The company adopted a full set of German production equipment, design software of Canada, and Austria imports plank, Shanghai excellent industrial culture tradition, and absorb the Europe and the United States the most humanized design concept, the company 'beauty high impression' brand ambry design won the national gold award for many times, it is a typical representative of high-end Shanghai ambry. Free trade area of fujian inspection visit, May 24 (see the following instead the eighth generation successor Zheng Zujie yong chun quan, wing chun is a national intangible cultural heritage 'fujian traditional wing chun', in 2008 China central television channel TV 'the legend Bruce lee,' Zheng Zujie starring Danny chan wing chun stand-in, took a lot of wonderful fighting scenes. Visit fujian officer lane, Lin Congyi's former residence, shen baozhen's former residence, the former residence of one wall lie between, invented at the series of aquarium and gathered great sensitivity, positive energy soar!
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