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The silicone PET protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-08
A, this protective film to PET ( Polyester film) As the backing material, single organic silicone coating and laminating water from type membrane and into 2, 1) product features Silicone adhesive protective film on metal, plastic, glass and other items in the paste has good bond strength, stable retention (2) Protective film on the surface level off is smooth. 3) Excellent heat resistance (4) When sticking surface automatic adsorption 3, 1) silicone adhesive protective film in the application Product transportation in the process of surface protective film, 2) Different viscosity of protective film, we can do different thickness of the foam die cutting support body (3) Can be used for all kinds of metal film die cutting protection, forwarded 4) Die cutting carrier of all kinds of thin film, adhesive tape, forwarded and waste 5) Electronic products of temporary transfer of fixed 6) Screen protection film
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