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The seventh shenzhen tape protective film exhibition

by:LINYANG     2020-03-07
The 7th China ( Shenzhen) International adhesive tape protective film and optical film exhibition, May 9-2013 11, meet you in shenzhen convention and exhibition center. On May 9-2013 11, will be more adhesive tape exhibition will be a larger scale, stronger the internationalization of the depth of the squad, wider publicity, more professional exhibition services to regroup. Is expected to attract more than 600 companies to participate in, the booth number jumped to 1200, the exhibition area of 25000 square meters. China international adhesive tape, protective film and optical film exhibition held by more exhibition company, has successfully held six sessions, is now recognized as adhesive tape industry protective film exhibition brand exhibition, unique industry leadership, attracted a total of 436 suppliers successively exhibition, attracted from China, Taiwan, Germany, the United States, Russia, Japan, India, Vietnam, Malaysia and Taiwan, Hong Kong more than 20 countries and regions, more than 33648 audiences to visit procurement, including more than 13600 people for professional buyers, overseas audience is more than 600 people. More adhesive exhibition in line with 'wholeheartedly for the manufacturer to find buyers, for buyers looking for the manufacturer' the management idea, already developed now become adhesive industry recognized by image displaying, technical exchange and trade cooperation, brand promotion in one of the most influential, the most professional, display exhibition is the best effect. Has gone far, looks new, the year of the dragon snake year bell is ringing. New Year new start, new direction and new power. In march to start the conference was held on March 2, our goal has been set, all her family towards your goal. Learn from the past, look to the future, the results are well in January, under the joint efforts of our family and business success in January signing of more than 300 exhibitors, the department is that the data is bigger. January one-to-one telephone invitation has more than 20000 tour companies. In the last two months we sprint phase increasing horsepower, to fight.
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