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The selection of China's packaging industry suppliers in 2012 was successfully concluded. Attached is the list of China's packaging gold medal suppliers

by:LINYANG     2020-02-20

China's packaging industry in 2012'Gold Supplier','Excellent Supplier' The selection and commendation activity was successfully concluded with the list of China's packaging gold medal suppliers

which lasted for more than 3 months and was jointly initiated by China Industrial Economic Research Association, 365 procurement network and 365 packaging procurement network, and invited governments, industry associations, industry associations and other relevant departments and well-known experts from all over the country to hold Research and Evaluation 2012 China Packaging Industry Gold Supplier',' Excellent Supplier in China's packaging industry' The selection and commendation activities, after intense, hot voting and final expert evaluation, finally came to a successful conclusion.

The selection process of Chinese packaging industry suppliers in 2012 is divided into two stages: netizen voting and expert evaluation. The evaluation of experts strictly follows the evaluation principles of science, preciseness, justice and objectivity, aiming at the candidate enterprises in various industries, and according to the quality indicators such as users' satisfaction, loyalty, cost performance and after-sales service to the enterprises and products, and comprehensively evaluate the market performance, development potential, quality level and benefit level of the enterprise. Scoring system is set up'Enterprise influence','Brand awareness','Enterprise Income level'And'Netizen evaluation' Four scoring indicators, according to each indicator, the individual score of each participating enterprise is respectively evaluated, and then the individual score is synthesized according to the weights of 20%, 30%, 30% and 20% respectively, and finally the comprehensive score is obtained, the expert committee of the activity organizing committee evaluates the awards according to the final scores of each enterprise.

In 2012, the supplier of Chinese packaging industry was selected as the research and evaluation activity of the third party authority, public welfare and free nature, which attracted wide attention in the internet and various industries of Chinese industrial economy, the activity information was reported and reprinted by hundreds of well-known media such as CCTV, hexun. com, Phoenix, Sohu. com and Baidu. This activity has a large number of participating units, involves a wide range of industries and has a strong influence, which has greatly promoted the progress and development of enterprises in various industries in China, it actively guided users in various industries to purchase high-quality products and services from excellent enterprises, and the activity was a complete success.

The final list of award-winning enterprises in the packaging industry is hereby announced and commended as follows:

2012 China Packaging Industry Gold Supplier list

Hangzhou Qingtong Boke Automation Technology Automation Co. , Ltd.

Beijing jiuyin Technology Co. , Ltd.

Storla ENSO Zhengyuan Packaging Co. , Ltd.

Kunshan Xieyang Machinery Co. , Ltd.

Guangzhou keshenglong Carton Packaging Machinery Co. , Ltd.

Excellent Supplier of packaging industry in China in 2012

Wenzhou Huayao CNC Technology Co. , Ltd

Tianjin Changrong Printing Equipment Co. , Ltd.

Zhejiang New Oriental Ink Group Co. , Ltd.

Foshan Nanhai Fuli Packaging Machinery Co. , Ltd.

Guangdong shanzhang Light Industry Machinery Co. , Ltd.

Beijing aerospace sanfa High-Tech Co. , Ltd.

Shanghai Dinglong Machinery Co. , Ltd.

Wuxi Hongqi Packaging Machinery Co. , Ltd.

Jiangsu Baoheng Precision Machinery Co. , Ltd

Jiangsu Chenguang carton Machinery Co. , Ltd

Tangshan Jiguo Printing Machinery Co. , Ltd

Beijing Paige Industry & Trade Co. , Ltd

Beijing Bell New Technology Co. , Ltd

Guangdong Huaye Packaging Material Co. , Ltd

Zhejiang Brothers Packaging Machinery Co. , Ltd.

2012 China industry research and evaluation activities organizing committee

July 10, 2012

Official website of the event: http://huodong . Cago365. com/20120401/jinpaiyouxiugongyingshang. aspx

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