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The role of cyclopentane foaming agent has been further developed

by:LINYANG     2020-01-18


It is understood that GE appliances have been using HFC- 134a as foaming agent, until 2012, it began to use cyclopentane as refrigerator foam foaming agent. This replacement means GE became the first equipment manufacturer to use cyclopentane as foaming agent in domestic refrigerators. The role of cyclopentane foaming agent has been further developed.

cyclopentane is an environmentally friendly hydrocarbon. Cyclopentane has been widely used as a foaming agent in markets outside the United States, GE represents the emission of greenhouse gases generated during foaming of foaming agent 99%. GE estimates that the replacement of foaming agents at the Decatur plant can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the foaming process by 400 thousand tons, equivalent to 78000 vehicles and 100 thousand acres of forests in the southeastern United States.

The ozone depletion potential ODP of HFC134a and other HFCs is zero, but due to its high GWP, the general ODP is zero and the global warming potential GWP is also very low, it is considered harmful to the environment.

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