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by:LINYANG     2019-10-25
The reasonable use of tarpaulin has said that tarpaulin is a more convenient covering tool than tent, so its application range is still relatively wide. So, the use and management of tarpaulin is the most important two parts. You may not have a thorough understanding of tarpaulin. Here, tarpaulin manufacturers will give you a detailed introduction to the use and management of tarpaulin, I hope to help you: tarpaulin is usually divided into two categories: coarse tarpaulin and fine tarpaulin. Coarse tarpaulin is also called tarpaulin, commonly used No. 58 (10 English) 4 ~ 7 strands woven, the fabric is firm and resistant to folding, with good waterproof performance, used for car transportation and cover of open-air warehouses and tents in the field. Fine silk cloth warp and weft yarn is generally 2 shares 58 to 6 shares 28 (10 English/2 ~ 21 English/6), Used to make labor protection clothing and its supplies. After dyeing, it can also be used as shoes, travel bags, backpacks and other fabrics. In addition, there are rubber tarpaulin, shielding tarpaulin for fire prevention and radiation protection, and tarpaulin for paper making machines. 1. First carefully study the instructions for the use of the tarpaulin, and then install the tarpaulin. Pay attention to the details of installing the tarpaulin during the installation process, for example, is the cloth Buckle tied properly and so on. 2. Pay attention to the use process. If there are sharp objects or pointed objects, they must be properly placed. Do not let them scratch the tarpaulin so as not to affect the future use effect, another thing is that even if it is accidentally scratched, it doesn't matter. Do a good job of repairing tarpaulins in time, such as patching, so that the use of tarpaulins can achieve the maximum effect. 3. When the tarpaulin is not used, it should be collected. All spare parts should be collected completely. Don't miss anything, so as not to lack parts when you use it next time, can't cover the items very well. 4. Pay attention to the handling of tarpaulin, handle it gently, and ensure that it is placed in a safe position, not in a place too high temperature, and fireworks are strictly prohibited. To avoid unnecessary losses caused by burning the tarpaulin or the items under the tarpaulin. 5. Do a good job of cleaning the tarpaulin. After use, if you don't need to put it away for a period of time, be sure to clean the tarpaulin simply. To prevent the object from rotting in the tarpaulin and corroding the tarpaulin. 6. Always dry the tarpaulin that has been stored for a long time to avoid breeding bacteria on the tarpaulin, it has a certain impact on the service life of tarpaulin. Even if the quality is good, the later maintenance work is also the top priority to a certain extent. Linyi Xuda Import and Export Co. , Ltd. provides you with professional knowledge, other needs are welcome to inquire, provide quality products, and serve you wholeheartedly.
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