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The quality of PVC electrostatic membrane, how to judge?

by:LINYANG     2020-03-19
With the rapid development of protective film industry, already all kinds of protective film on the market, no matter in different material, color, function of all kinds of protective film, the same protective film can have several different kinds of performance specifications. Many small manufacturer equipment humble, using cheap raw materials, to produce more low-quality PVC electrostatic membrane, think the sham as the genuine in the market. Today we from the following several aspects elaborated how to distinguish the quality of PVC electrostatic protective film. PVC electrostatic membrane quality judgment: 1. How the surface of the visual inspection film transparency, water film on the surface of grain size and the number of points in the number and size of silicon wafer. A good PVC electrostatic membrane, its transparency, crystal a small number of less, less water grain number. 2. Check whether the thickness of the film, even, flattening sex are in good condition. 3. Check within the requirements of the electrostatic resistance, you can manually cut a small area test how electrostatic adsorption effect. 4. If there are requirements of heat-resistant, can do a heat resistance test, check whether there is PVC film falls off shrinkage. PVC film major areas are widely used for building materials products, electronic parts, metal products, glass products, digital products, indoor furniture, etc. On the market it usually USES the flow mode of production, high efficiency, fast cooling. Although widely used, shortcomings also remain, not scratch resistant PVC electrostatic membrane, the surface easy to scratch, scratch. Affected by temperature, using bad PVC material, easy yellowing of oil spill, affect the stick the appearance of the product. When we need to buy PVC film, remember to large-scale production of protective film enterprise purchase. Lam jan Himore 【 400 - 6666 - 322 】 For your one-stop supply of various types of electrostatic film, PE, PVC electrostatic membrane electrostatic membrane, etc. , welcome to inquiry.
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