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The protective film of antimicrobial in addition to taste

by:LINYANG     2020-03-13
Recent environmental health has become one of the mainstream of a lot of family life, people in decorating, select material, in addition to pay attention to adornment effect, more pay attention to the environmental protection building materials. At present, the market there is a notable dedicated to anti-bacterial transparent protective film, it not only can the durable antibacterial, antistatic, eliminate the unusual smell, also can be applied to the wall, the surface of the different quality of a material such as wood, metal items, home to hold up a pair of invisible 'umbrella'. This is mainly used for antibacterial except flavour of protective film, adopting new technologies, currently on the market, similar to this brand are few and far between. One of the brand is the antimicrobial additive, its core components can be extremely strong adhesion on the surface of software and hardware, forming a lasting protective film after drying, when the negative charge of microbial floated in the indoor air, was protective film by polarization charge natural decomposition. Brand, said, the head of the sterilization efficiency is important for the family, such as mold, has been particularly prone to mildew on the ceiling the influence of water vapor, it can make human body skin, respiratory tract infection, cause people nausea, abdominal pain and other lesions, severe cases can cause cancer, so home first to support the 'umbrella' not so good. However, often because of the protective film is transparent, for its biggest can intuitive experience is the removal of odor.
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