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The production of different PE electrostatic membrane performance have to differ?

by:LINYANG     2020-03-21
PE film both environmental protection and heat resistance, static electricity is a kind of choice, in the field of high-end products, high demand of coated PE electrostatic membrane process is divided into two kinds, the two categories of performance and different, we briefly know: 1, co-extrusion production PE general better temperature resistance, high temperature resistant protective film, the lower the viscosity. This is related and his production process, because is squeezed into a layer of multilayer. Temperature resistance of the material more than the corresponding proportion of viscosity ratio is less. This is also this kind of production process of technical difficulties. For now, the market development of products are resistant to 120 ℃ / use 30 minutes and 150 / use time for 10 minutes. The most extreme heat resistance requirement. The general requirements of heat-resistant are at about 80 ℃. Viscosity is relatively high under 10 grams. 2, ways to produce the PE coating resistance to high temperature of the membrane is not affected by viscosity. Because of the glue used to distinguish adhesive. On resistant coating film and co-extrusion film although there is no much difference, but there are crucial differences in use, such as production of high-temperature PE film coating way often occur in the environment of high temperature degumming and melting glue effect the beauty of the product such as fatal flaw and abandoned by the customer. The opposite way co-extrusion production of high temperature resistant protective film (PE Electrostatic film) Because it is produced by static adsorption viscous so will not appear this problem. PE electrostatic membrane material of non-toxic environmental protection, soft material. Lam jan Himore 【 400 - 6666 - 322 】 So often used in the production of protective film. PE material of electrostatic protective film has more than two kinds of production methods: multi-layer co-extrusion and glue.
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