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The production method of the automatic covering equipment of the tarpaulin for trucks

by:LINYANG     2022-12-04
The base is the main structure of the frame composed of six profile columns and ten profile beams; the synchronous lifting mechanism is installed on the platform at the top of the base column, and is connected to the rain cloth fixing device to perform synchronous lifting on the guide device (linear guide); the rain cloth fixing device is fixed It is connected with the chain on the slider of the guide device (linear guide rail), and the rain cloth fixing clip fixes the rain cloth on the support beam; under the driving action of the driving device, the electrical control system controls the independent six lifting mechanisms to synchronously lift, and Accurately measure and control the lifting height and speed of the rain cloth. The truck rain cloth automatic covering equipment can be widely used in wooden box packaging, carton packaging, and even truck loading operations with unpackaged goods. The delivery platform on which the vehicle loads the cargo has no fence and no roof. The goods loaded on the vehicle are products packed in cartons or wooden boxes or without packaging. During transportation, especially during long-distance transportation, it is necessary to prevent the goods from being exposed to the sun and rain. In order to protect against rain, sun and wind, it is necessary to cover the cargo with one or more layers of rain cloth, and bundle a layer of protective net on the outer layer of the rain cloth to fix the cargo and the rain cloth on the platform of the flatbed. The current rain-proof cloth covering method is to rely on manual work, climb the roof of more than 4 meters high to cover the rain-proof cloth layer by layer, and finally cast a layer of protective net to fix it. This method is not only inefficient, but also when the operator walks back and forth on the roof, they will step on the packaged or unpackaged products, causing damage; the operator is prone to danger when working at high altitude on the roof, and there is a greater safety hazard.
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