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The production line of pvc plastic wrap, which is harmful to human body, is discontinued

by:LINYANG     2020-01-12

Global Plastics News:

The quality inspection department announced that some pvc plastic wrap mainly used for outer packaging contains two (B-Ethylhexyl)Adipate (DEHA)Plasticizer, the plasticizer meets high temperature (More than 100 degrees Celsius) Or after the oil is easily released and affects human health, many pvc plastic wrap production lines have reported the news of suspension.

' The production line has been stopped and is undergoing rectification and reform. It will take about one month. ' Shanghai County is the person in charge of the production Technology Department of Polymer Materials Co. , Ltd. told reporters.

when the reporter interviewed the company by telephone, the working group of AQSIQ and Shanghai quality supervision bureau was working on the spot, mainly check whether the plasticizer used in PVC plastic wrap produced by the company contains substances harmful to human body.

According to the introduction of the person in charge of the company, the plasticizer used in the production of PVC plastic wrap in Shanghai is DOA, but whether the DOA contains DEHA components is still uncertain, wait for the test results of the AQSIQ. The company has planned to replace DOA with DINA for production, but this must be tested by the state before it can be put into practice. The National Quality Inspection Bureau promised the company:'The test results must be made within two weeks. 'Then Shanghai County will have to stop production for at least two weeks.

Shanghai County is not the only company that stops producing PVC food preservative film. A staff member of the sales department of Dalian sanrong Chemical Co. , Ltd. said,'The leaders are having a meeting. 'Immediately hang up the phone. An industry insider speculated that the company's top management may be negotiating with the staff of the AQSIQ.

Dalian sanrong is a wholly-owned enterprise founded by South Korea sanrong group with an investment of 60 million US dollars in Dalian in October 2004. It mainly produces PVC plastic wrap, BOPP packaging film, ca-pacitor capacitance film, etc. There are 6 production lines of PVC plastic wrap, with an annual output of 10 thousand tons, accounting for half of China's output. All the raw materials used are imported from South Korea.

The reporter called Mr. Tian, the sales department of Dalian sanrong Chemical Co. , Ltd. , and he said that he was unwilling to provide any information. The reporter learned from the Dalian municipal bureau of quality and technical supervision that in the afternoon, the relevant parties in Dalian will hold a meeting on PVC food preservative film to discuss specific measures.

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