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The plastic bag weighs one or two and it costs 16 yuan

by:LINYANG     2020-01-31

I bought a fish in the vegetable market, and the plastic bag used by the stall owner to hold the fish actually asked 16 yuan.

recently, the new store Industry and Commerce received a report on'High price plastic bags'Complaints.

It turned out that Mr. Wu bought a tiger fish at a stall in Xindian vegetable market at a price of 160 yuan per catty. After the payment, he used the fair scale in the market to re-weigh, and found that the weight of the tiger fish was one or two less. Again, it was found that the plastic bag used by the stall owner to load the fish was one or two.

Mr. Wu was angry and looked for the theory of the stall owner, but the other party argued that seafood such as tiger fish were packed in thick plastic bags because of their thorns, also said that the price marked by myself is'The price of plastic bags' If Mr. Wu does not want to use such a plastic bag,'The price of the fish will be higher'.

The Industrial and Commercial personnel pointed out at the scene that the price paid by the consumer is the price of the purchased goods, and the operator has the obligation to provide the consumer with appropriate packaging, the use of such a heavy plastic bag for weighing should inform the consumer in advance, otherwise it is infringement.

Finally, the vendor returned the overcharged 16 yuan.

Like This'High price plastic bags' Events happen every day, but like Mr. Wu, we must legally protect our rights and interests, and we must not let those who want to seek illegal profits go unpunished.

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