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The plastic bag is wrapped around the net

by:LINYANG     2020-01-31

PVC plastic network June 7, 2012 news: a plastic bag is stuck on the touch network of rail transit line 3, causing some trains to be delayed.

at about 02:20 P. M. yesterday, a plastic bag was stuck on the contact net between Jinshajiang Road Station and Zhongshan Park station of rail transit line 3. The driver stopped immediately after discovering it, the plastic bags were disposed of within 10 minutes. Due to this, some trains on lines 3 and 4 were delayed.

on 3rd day of this month, the subway staff also found a winding giant kite on the Zhongshan Park station Touch Network. Due to the timely discovery, it did not affect the operation.

' I just took a Line 3 from Cao Yang Road to Yishan Road. When I arrived at Jinshajiang Road station, the train stopped. It is not clear what happened. The train stopped for about 10 minutes and started again. ' Passenger Miss Li said that it was about 02:20 P. M. . ' I asked the staff on the platform and answered that there was a plastic bag blown into the front track by the wind and was being cleaned. ' At three o'clock P. M. , when the reporter arrived at the scene, the rail transit line 3 had resumed normal operation, and there was no passenger detention on the platform.

The reporter then contacted the subway operator. The staff said that at about 02:20 P. M. yesterday, when a train on Line 3 left the station at Jinshajiang Road station, the driver suddenly noticed that a plastic bag was wrapped around the front touch net. After contacting the dispatching center, the driver stopped the train and took out the retractable insulating rod prepared in the vehicle control room to pick up the plastic bag that touched the net. After 10 minutes, the plastic bag on the network was picked up and the section resumed normal operation. Affected by this, some trains on lines 3 and 4 were delayed.

The Staff of the subway operation company said that the plastic bag flying into the track is one of the problems encountered in the operation of elevated trains. Sometimes there will be clothes dried by nearby residents, plastic paper on billboards and other sundries. '

plastic bags wrapped around the net may cause certain physical damage, so insulation rods are prepared in the vehicle control room of each train, and ask the driver to pay attention to the road conditions during the driving process.

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