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The plastic bag ban bill officially came into effect in San Francisco

by:LINYANG     2020-01-16
October 05-

The plastic bag ban Act came into effect in San Francisco on October 1. On that day, many consumers remembered to bring green bags for shopping, but many people forgot. For example, the huashitun Street, which is crowded with people, is less crowded on the road. The merchants think that the business is reduced because of the new law.

San Francisco Plastic Bag Ban Act will take effect on the 1st. All retailers in the city cannot provide customers with single-use shopping plastic bags. If the customer requests, the retailer can only provide paper bags or environmental protection bags or plastic bags that can be recycled for many times, and each bag charges at least 10 cents. Food such as restaurants, fast food restaurants and cake shops can be extended until October 1, 2013.

in order to promote self-provided shopping bags, the San Francisco Environment Agency on the 1st at Citibank (Citibank)Environmental protection bags were distributed in front of St. Mary's Park. In the early morning, there were many Chinese queues. As a result, the supply was in short supply. The staff of the environment bureau repeatedly notified more environmentally friendly bags.

However, many Chinese people who queued up for it were not very satisfied with the Environmental Protection bags sent by Citibank. They thought the bags were too small and of little use. But many people are very excited to say,'This bag is very cute and delicate! '

The Environmental Protection bags distributed by St. Mary Park are provided by the city government, which is twice the capacity of the first year of university and is welcomed by Chinese. Environment Agency spokesman Luigi Guz said Environment Agency will be October and November in the city of 50 a location distributed 10 thousand 7500 a environmental protection bag 10 thousand A by Citi Bank donation the rest 7500 A by Environment Agency provide, the public can check the latest distribution information on the website of the environment bureau.

food shops such as restaurants and cake shops can be delayed for one year. Rogiguz said that there is no hard and fast rule at present, but free single plastic bags cannot be provided after October 1 next year.

On the first day of the new law, many stores in Huaying posted notices and no longer provided free plastic bags. Most customers who forget to bring their own bags are not willing to pay 10 cents more to buy the bags provided by the store and leave with the goods in their hands.

The crowd on Chinatown street is obviously rarer than on Monday in the past. Merchants believe it is related to the plastic bag ban Act. 'Shengxing' Market owner Zhao Chunsheng said that many customers found that they left without free plastic bags.

most Huaying markets will provide recyclable plastic bags for 10 cents after the new law comes into effect. But'Shengxing' The market provides customers with pink environmental protection bags for 20 cents, which is very popular with customers. Zhao Chunsheng said that 20 cents is only a cost price, and there is no more money to make, only to comply with the new law and provide convenience for customers.

Although the cake shop can be delayed for one year, the Huaying ABC cake shop will charge 10 cents per bag to customers who require plastic bags on the 1st.

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