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The plastic additives introduced in PVC film can

by:LINYANG     2020-09-02
PVC film tells you whether the plastic additives have flame retardancy.

Most plastic products are flammable, which brings many hidden dangers to the application safety of their products. To be precise, flame retardants are more appropriately called flame retardants, because 'flame retardant' contains two meanings of flame retardancy and smoke suppression, which is broader than the concept of flame retardants. However, people have been accustomed to using the concept of flame retardants for a long time, so the flame retardants referred to in the literature are actually the general term for flame retardant and smoke suppression functional additives. Flame retardants can be divided into additive flame retardants and reactive flame retardants according to their usage. Additive flame retardants are usually added to the base resin by adding, and they are simply physically mixed with the resin; reactive flame retardants are generally monomers containing flame retardant elements and reactive groups in the molecule, Such as halogenated acid anhydrides, halogenated bisphenols and phosphorus-containing polyols, etc., due to their reactivity.

The plastic additives introduced in PVC film can be flame retardant?

It can be chemically bonded to the molecular chain of the resin and become a part of the plastic resin. Most reactive flame retardants are also monomers for the synthesis of additive flame retardants. According to different chemical composition, flame retardants can be divided into inorganic flame retardants and organic flame retardants. Inorganic flame retardants include aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, antimony oxide, zinc borate and red phosphorus, etc. Organic flame retardants are mostly halogenated hydrocarbons, organic bromides, organic chlorides, phosphates, halogenated phosphates, nitrogen Series flame retardant and nitrogen phosphorus intumescent flame retardant, etc. The role of smoke suppressants is to reduce the amount of smoke generated by flame retardant materials and the release of toxic and harmful gases, mostly molybdenum compounds, tin compounds and iron compounds. Although antimony oxide and zinc borate also have smoke suppressant properties, they are often used as flame retardant synergists and are therefore classified as flame retardant systems.

Therefore, the plastic additives of PVC film are flame retardant.
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