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The Pillow Wars

by:LINYANG     2020-08-29

Games are never lack of novelty. Designers are always thinking something new to attract customers. Here is a new game, which name is the pillow wars. It is an interactive game. Two players should sit on the bars, holding the pillow to hit each other. Who get the competitor's pillow or let his pillow fall to the ground, he is the winner.

It is quite an exciting game. The designers design the good look and the safe structure for the inflatable games. Safety problems are the first consideration of our company. Under the bar the players sit on are inflatable ground. It is use for in case the player will drop into the ground and get hurt. We also extend the inflatable ground with steps, and make sure the inflatable ground can catch the falling people. In order to make the inflatable games more elasticity, the inflatable games should be designed to allow the air leaking. If the air is sealed inside firmly, the inflatable games will reduce its durability and the impact of playing. Since the inflatable pillow war games allow leaking, so it can be supplied the air continuously. There are two inflation tubes for the blowing systems. You can use one of it according to site of the blower system.

The inflatable games are 5 meters long, 6 meters wide and 3.5 meters high. You can place it indoor or outdoor. If you want to settle it outdoor, the tarpaulins can resist the weather problems. The inflatable games are made of 0.55mm PLATO PVC tarpaulin. This kind of tarpaulins is stable. It is of UV-resistant, cold weather resistant, water proof. So it is suitable to be settled outdoor. What's more, the PVC tarpaulins are of anti-mildew treatment. It can avoid the reproduce and living of the mildew. It can avoid the spreading of the disease.

For the durability, it does not only show on its quality, but also on its looking. We do the printing ourselves. We adopt the digital printing, which make the image more beautiful and durable. So the image on the tarpaulins can last for long, no matter it is placing in the water or scratching by the kids.

We have a firm standard of the produce. All the cutting is cut by the automatic cutting machines, and it is sew firmly with 6 rolls of lines and the edges are covered inside. The products are elegant after the produce flow. So the inflatable pillow war games are of good quality, safety and elegant.

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