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The picture about the tarpaulin dyeing process related introduction _ company news

by:LINYANG     2020-03-23
Picture about the tarpaulin dyeing process related introduction, we saw the tarpaulins are on the market with a color, what color, more common in blue is more, we don't know if you have noticed, the use of tarpaulins range is wide, such as some factory, construction site, or truck tarpaulins are likely to use, and some temporary tent, tent set up can rain, today small make up not and everyone about the usefulness of tarpaulins, but its manufacturing process of dyeing, colored tarpaulins is how to shape? With small make up together to get to know. On tarpaulins dyeing processing, there are two main types of commonly used process, respectively is toner join resin and masterbatch method directly. After toner directly mixed with plastic resin, into the next products molding process, short process, low cost, but the working environment is poor, poor tinting strength, color uniformity and quality stability. And masterbatch method is colorants and carrier resin, dispersing agent and other additives mixed with a certain concentration of aggregate colorant, products molding according to the requirements of color, add a certain amount, masterbatch make products contain requirements coloring dose, meet the requirements of coloring. Generally speaking, the performance of the masterbatch have off color, white, yellow, yellowing, thermal stability, oxygen index, melt flow rate, etc. , and, of course, the fineness of pigment, mobility, chemical resistance, toxicity is related to the performance of masterbatch, is very important in some indicators for special USES, such as fiber masterbatch filter values ( DF values) Fineness. It is important to note, however, dispersant on the surface of a pigment wetting, penetration to exclude air, scatter agglomerations, aggregate into tiny, stable and uniform particles, and are no longer together, in the machining process commonly used dispersant for low molecular weight polyethylene wax, for difficult to disperse organic pigments and carbon black by EVA wax or oxidized polyethylene wax, synthetic low molecular weight polyethylene and polyethylene wax cracking the legal system of low molecular weight polyethylene wax have very big difference. Other additives with coupling agent, antioxidant and light stabilizer, antistatic agent, filler, etc. , depending on the requirements and variety addition amount, known as multi-functional masterbatch, or join brightener, beneficial to molding products stripping and improving the products surface brightness.
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