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The performance of the insulation sheet for grading

by:LINYANG     2020-03-07
Insulation effect in the electronic manufacturing industry is becoming more and more attention, many with insulation sheet is strong production and development, such as plastic sheets, actually the insulation of the insulation sheet performance also has different levels, and different industries have different requirement for insulation. The important factors that affect insulation dielectric properties is the strength of the molecular polarity and polar components content. Polarity material dielectric constant and dielectric loss were higher than that of nonpolar materials, and easy adsorption of impurity ions increase conductivity and reduce its dielectric properties. Therefore in the process of insulation materials should pay attention to clean, to prevent pollution. Capacitor electric medium requires a high dielectric constant to improve its ratio characteristics. 1, the basic insulation - — Used for electric parts, provides a basic protection of anti shock insulation. For example, enameled wire insulation paint. 2, the additional insulation - — The insulation of the additional basic insulation. The purpose is to after the basic insulation failure, still can provide electric shock shield. For example, in the outer layer of the enameled wire is set on the insulation casing, the casing is supplementary insulation. 3, double insulation - — Made up by basic insulation and supplementary insulation insulation. Love and enameled wire with insulation casing is double insulation. 3, strengthen the insulation - — Used to live part of a single insulation system, their level of protection against electric shock is equivalent to double insulation.
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