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The main purpose of the electrostatic membrane

by:LINYANG     2020-02-29
High static electricity resistance, electrostatic effect is good. This product conforms to the national industry standard; Product has good transparency, small water lines, crystal points less. Products suitable for the need of electrostatic protection membrane product introduction: transparent electrostatic membrane using electrostatic plastic film on the glass or other items to protect, thin, strong, transparent, adhesive, low temperature resistance and other properties is suitable for packaging aluminum, copper products, building materials, chemicals, electronic components, rubber tiles. Screw, wallpaper, leather, glass fiber, non-woven paper roll, wire, iron wire, hose all kinds of spare parts, furniture, equipment mobile phone screen, computer, etc. , to glue not require high protection in the printing and processing. Ivory electrostatic membrane used in home appliances and other special advertising printing can compound type is different from the paper according to customer requirements. Antistatic PET protective film ( Silica gel) Is an optical protective film has the anti-static function, super transparent PET as base material, a coating of organic silicone, anti-static coating layer, on the other side to fit the bottom of the mold material. Anti-static surface, prevent the dust adsorption and magazine, pollution dust-free workshop in coating production and cutting, USES the advanced coating technology, contact leave fingerprint electrostatic adsorption, exhaust is not easy to have bubble, joint effect is better, product surface resistance nine minus 10 of 11 to the power, this series is the PET low viscosity antistatic protective film, is suitable for the material to repost, metal and plastic panel surface protection commonly, can prevent the dust and impurity absorption and surface protection materials to prevent electrostatic damage function, can be repeated use. With the development of special purpose film, polyester film new USES surface continuously. Protective film can be produced into liquid crystal TV, mobile phone LCD protective film, cell phone buttons, etc. PET film is a kind of function in all packaging film. Its excellent transparency and luster; PET protective film has excellent bartender incense and air tightness and moisture resistance, moisture permeability decline at low temperature. Arrived in excellent mechanical functions of PET film, its strong patience is the best one of all thermoplastics, tensile strength and impact strength is higher than general thin films have many; Standard, and is quite good, suitable for printing, paper bags and other secondary processing.
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