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The main market and market prospect of pvc film

by:LINYANG     2020-06-08
PVC film is a synthetic material. This material is the mainstream synthetic material on the market. The main component of PVC film is polyvinyl chloride. This material can be combined with other materials to improve heat resistance and ductility. PVC film can be divided into PVC soft film and PVC hard film. Among them, hard PVC accounts for about 2/3 of the market, and soft PVC accounts for 1/3. Soft PVC is generally used for the surface layer of floors, ceilings, and leather. However, because soft PVC contains softeners (this is also the difference between soft PVC and hard PVC), it is easy to become brittle and not easy to preserve, so its scope of use is limited. Hard PVC does not contain softeners, so it has good flexibility, easy to form, not brittle, non-toxic and non-polluting, and has a long storage time, so it has great development and application value. The top layer of this surface film is paint, the main component in the middle is polyvinyl chloride, and the bottom layer is the back coating adhesive. It is a kind of synthetic material that is well-loved, popular and widely used in the world today. The global usage of pvc film ranks second among various synthetic materials. Among the materials that can produce three-dimensional surface films, PVC is the most suitable material. PVC transparent film is currently a new type of material. Due to its transparency, heat resistance, and good ductility, this material is also suitable for the production of three-dimensional surface films.
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