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The main development of PVC film on additives

by:LINYANG     2020-06-25
????????If the current development of PVC materials is still very fast, which produces hard PVC and soft PVC films, it can be said that the current development of PVC is relatively stable. In fact, this is the development of a PVC stabilizer in recent years. When it comes to this stabilizer, it is necessary to say some of the characteristics of PVC. As the main PVC products, they are currently used in many ways. As the main form, in fact, this kind of pvc film is also a relatively good product. It is used in automobile sunscreen films, mobile phone films, skin care products, etc., and here is a brief introduction about pvc materials The main development. ????????The PVC material needs to be heated to 200 ° C for pretreatment, so it is necessary to add a stabilizer to prevent thermal decomposition in the PVC material. At present, lead stabilizers are the most widely used domestic PVC stabilizers, but there are problems that endanger the safety of the environment. In order to comply with the international trend of prohibiting lead in the PVC industry, China has also adopted a series of measures in recent years to restrict and reduce the use of lead salt stabilizers. Lead stabilizers will gradually withdraw from the market. PVC material manufacturers urgently need a stabilizing effect Good, environmentally friendly, efficient and cheap alternative products. The successful development of rare earth stabilizers can largely meet the needs of PVC manufacturers for environmentally friendly and efficient stabilizers.
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