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The main characteristic of our membrane electrostatic membrane

by:LINYANG     2020-03-12
Electrostatic membrane is depend on the electrostatic adsorption to adsorption products, so as to achieve the effect of protective film products. Commonly used material is PE, PP, PVC electrostatic membrane electrostatic membrane electrostatic film, PPE electrostatic film, hardness have soft electrostatic membrane, electrostatic membrane, electrostatic film, soft and hard electrostatic membrane. Electrostatic membrane main use: high finish, good stick force on the smooth surface of the plastic, high temperature stability, temperature with sheet metal forming in order to protect the surface and easy to take off the film, suitable for PMMA acrylic bathtubs and board, PC blister board ( ) And so on. Main features: high temperature resistance, surface clean and smooth, high transparency, low shrinkage, good flexibility, mold effect is good, resistance to pressure, the pressure of high temperature, no residue after pressing, no broken, no residue, strong adhesion, Zhang Liqiang resistance, ageing resistance.
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