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The leader of environmentally friendly PVC packaging film-Longgang fanhong

by:LINYANG     2020-01-18

PVC plastic Network News' When summer comes, I will pack the fruits, cooked rice or leftovers in my home with plastic wrap, which is not easy to break! 'Liu Yingru, who lives in Foshan, Guangzhou, told reporters.

Maybe many people are used to using plastic wrap, but most people do not know much about the environmental protection problems caused by its widespread use. Plastic wrap commonly used in life is generally made of polyvinyl chloride resin by adding plasticizers, stabilizers and other additives through processing and plasticizing.

Although PVC packaging film has good transparency, oil resistance, corrosion resistance and good barrier property to water vapor and oxygen, it is usually in direct contact with food, it is easy to cause safety problems, and film waste will also have serious adverse effects on the ecological environment.

then, will pvc packaging film withdraw from the historical stage? No. The reporter learned that some media have investigated the market prospect of PVC packaging film, and more than 50% of the readers still think that PVC packaging film is difficult to be replaced by other materials. As long as the development of new additives, whether now or in the future, it is the leading product of the packaging industry.

According to relevant experts, the further development of PVC packaging film market and application will largely depend on the development and application of new additives, otherwise, environmental protection and safety issues will surely become a huge obstacle to the development of PVC packaging film market.

in order to explore the packaging industry in China, the reporter visited several well-known domestic manufacturers of PVC packaging film. Cangnan County Longgang fanhong plastic film factory is a branch of the industry. Rookie'I am not allowed to be interviewed by reporters. Fanhong staff revealed to reporters that most PVC packaging films on the market have more or less problems, and plasticizers and stabilizers in the films will destroy food; The nature of one-time use, coupled with the treatment of incineration or landfill, is unfavorable to the environment.

when the reporter asked why fanhong's PVC packaging film was so popular, the staff member smiled and was full of confidence, and then he told the story. It turned out that fanhong had attached great importance to the Environmental Protection of PVC packaging films as early as a few years ago. The company has been strictly controlling the content of polyvinyl chloride monomer, and has adopted non-toxic additives, and has special procedures for the treatment of film waste.

vigorously developing new additives to replace PVC packaging film additives is the fundamental way out to gradually reduce the environmental problems caused by PVC. In recent years, many domestic enterprises have been committed to research and development in this area and have narrowed the gap with developed countries in technology. We have reason to believe that China will usher in a new beginning of focusing on environmental protection, improving and enhancing the packaging industry, and let China move from a packaging power to a packaging power.

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