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The influencing factors of our film protective film prices

by:LINYANG     2020-03-14
Yang is a big brand protective film industry, the scope of its application in various industries. Because each different industry application of protective film, so its sale price also each are not identical. So the key factors of protective film prices in what respect? 1, different kinds, natural protective film price also is different. Common types of protective film are: Yang conductive coating, lam jan thermal protective film, lam jan conductive aluminum foil protective film, lam Yang metal foil protective film, lam jan antistatic protective film, Yang insulation protective film, lam double-sided protective film, graduated from medical protective film, lam jan fiber protective film, etc. 2, substrate protective film price depends on the different directly. Such as Yang conductive coating, it is adopted by the base material with conductive performance of thin film, and then combined with special adhesive materials. It with Yang sealing protective film price is completely different, generally sealing protective film lowest production cost, so the sales price is the lowest. 3, protective film also decided to the difficulty of the protective film raw materials purchasing price. Scarcity value, the raw material of the rare protective film sales price must be higher than common protective film raw materials prices. Click to know protective film price firsthand material
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