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The industry standard for electrostatic membrane, see several standard?

by:LINYANG     2020-02-29
Electrostatic film is widely used in all kinds of plastic products, glass, lens, film surface protection, material is a kind of very important packaging protection. With the development of coating industry, the electrostatic protective film, PE no matter in the standard of raw material, production, packaging specification of industry standard demand is higher and higher. Set protective film industry standards, be helpful for protective film on the material or in production, to maintain a positive development. Help to eliminate some non-standard protective film, avoid inferior protective film flow to the market, make the protective film whole market more specification. Also stimulate each big business enterprise of protective film more efforts to research and development production more excellent products. To safeguard consumer also has a great significance. On the industry standard for electrostatic membrane has the following several points. 1) The standard of raw materials: the production of PE compound polyester, electrostatic protective film is the main ingredient for the production of protective film to have a high pervious to light performance, don't hinder the watch effect. In order to keep the electrostatic membrane in industrial packaging or in daily life, avoid the scratch, worn out, but also to ensure a cleanliness on the surface of the film, protective film of the surface of the outer need after 3. More than 5 h of coating processing. Electrostatic membrane electrostatic adsorption paste for laminating layer adopts silicon ion electrostatic adsorption. Because there are two kinds of protective film paste way, is a kind of coating film is another kind of electrostatic membrane. Because the coating film is not easy to shed, but also corrosive, paste the time is too long, prone to glue, seriously affect the smooth of the screen is beautiful. And use silicon ion electrostatic adsorption, paste, no adhesive residue, non-toxic tasteless, safe and environmental protection. 2) Packing standard: the production of PE electrostatic membrane must abide by the regulations of the state, the adding of toxic or harmful radioactive materials into the protective film. In terms of packaging text content, in which regional sales must use local official text as the leading factor. If you need other auxiliary words, can choose to use only English or Latin, etc. Product trademark must indicate the existence of the current state, if already registered, please mark 'R', if you have already submitted, is approval, please mark 'TM'. Packaging must indicate the raw material of the products used, features, technical parameters, factory address, factory name, telephone, fax, etc. Can say, electrostatic film production is a specification, every detail decide the final quality of the product, tender young heart preparation for you not a roll of protective film.
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