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The importance of smoke suppression and flame

by:LINYANG     2020-06-14
PVC film is a relatively popular film-type plastic polymer developed in recent years. It is polyvinyl chloride, which can also be said to be a resin. It is currently the most used plastic product. Here is the importance of pvc smoke suppression and flame retardant. ????Polyvinyl chloride (pvc) was first synthesized by Baumann in a sealed tube in 1872. However, until the Second World War, due to the needs of the war and the development of PVC additives, people paid full attention to the research and application of pvc resin, and it was rapidly developed, becoming the main plastic variety at that time . Until now, PVC is still a widely used general-purpose polymer material. Because it is cheap and has many advantages such as excellent processing performance, use performance and decorative performance, it has been widely used in construction materials, decorative materials, wire and cable industries. Hard PVC and soft pvc films are the two major types of PVC resin applications. The application of hard PVC in construction materials, decorative materials, pipeline materials, foam materials and composite materials has developed rapidly, such as: plastic floorboards , Plastic doors and windows and ABS / PVC composite materials. In fact, rigid PVC has accounted for more than half of the total PVC market. PVC itself has good flame retardancy, and its limiting oxygen index (LOI) can be as high as 45%. Although a certain amount (a small amount) of flammable processing aids, lubricants and modifiers are added to the rigid PVC film to reduce its limiting oxygen index, it still has a higher limiting oxygen index. For soft PVC films, due to the addition of a large amount of plasticizers, such as diisooctyl phthalate (DOP), such plasticizers are very easy to burn, which greatly reduces the soft PVC. The material's limiting oxygen index. Such as pvc transparent film even makes the limiting oxygen index fall below 21%, becoming a flammable material. When pvc burns in a fire, it not only produces a certain amount of heat, but also more seriously produces a large amount of black smoke and corrosive gases. These black smoke and corrosive gases seriously endanger people's lives and property, and destroy the green environment on which people live, thus severely restricting the application and further development of PVC, which has caused the production of scientists and PVCs from all over the world. Merchants and users attach great importance. Therefore, the smoke suppression and flame retardancy of PVC, especially smoke suppression, has developed into one of the key issues in the field of flame retardant scientific research. The solution to this problem will directly determine the fate of future PVC production and application development. Important economic significance, social benefits and theoretical research value.
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