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The generation of static electricity and the application of antistatic protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-01
Static electricity is a kind of dormant charge or not charge flows ( The flow of electric charge was formed current) 。 Static electricity is not a static electricity, is macro temporarily stay somewhere on electricity, in some special time to daily life, industrial production caused great harm. The generation of static electricity as we know, material made up of molecules, the molecules composed of atoms, and atoms by protons, neutrons and electrons. Positively charged proton, neutron has no charge, electrons are negatively charged. Under normal conditions, the same number of protons and electrons an atom, the positive and negative electric balance, so foreign showed no charge phenomenon. Functions such as friction or due to the outside world by all kinds of energy such as kinetic energy, potential energy, thermal and chemical energy in the form of function can make positive and negative electric imbalance atom. Any two objects in contact with different material after the separation, can generate static electricity. The root cause of the electrostatic is the uneven distribution of electric charge to be neutral. For protective film industry, the common form of electrostatic generation has the following several kinds: contact charged: protective film and the post content contact and the static; Tear film charged: tear up the hand (when you leave the type of membrane Machine) Friction caused by static electricity; Stripping charged: tear up the electrostatic protective film. The greater the faster stripping with electricity. The influencing factors of static electricity, in fact, when we measuring surface resistance value in the laboratory, constant temperature and humidity had a great influence on test results. Laboratory standard is: 23 + / - 1 ℃ / 50 + / - 5% RH electrostatic hazard electrostatic adsorption dust, shorten the service life of the components, pollution is serious; Electrostatic discharge damage: destruction line, damaged components; Electrostatic discharge generated by electromagnetic field, magnetic field significantly ( Up to hundreds of v/m) The very wide spectrum ( From dozens to several thousand trillion) , causing interference of electronic products and even damage ( The electromagnetic interference) 。 Electrostatic prevention measures in industrial production, in addition to the attention of the production environment, to add wet, in addition to static electric appliances and in addition to the use of equipment such as static brush can effectively prevent the harm of static electricity. For some need to protect the surface of the product, especially the precision of electronic products, anti-static protective film is undoubtedly the best choice.
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