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The future direction of the contemporary protective film market

by:LINYANG     2020-03-14
The current shift in all sorts of protective film to functional protective film, all kinds of thin film products research and development of more professional, global plastic film production technology obtained the very big development in recent years, China's film production technology has greatly improved, rise in the domestic film double product line. Analysis of the current film market, the future development direction of film production will be from the following four approaches. ( 1) To thin film and thick film development in BOPET film, the current domestic double of the specifications of the product produced mostly in 8 - Within the scope of 75 mu, the thickness range of capacity has far exceeds demand. But below 4 mu or 150 - 300 mu of thick film has a considerable development space, especially the application range of the thick film growing, such as liquid crystal displays and plasma display device of the protective screen film for PET dosage of thick film should be quite big, worthy of attention. Solar film, explosion-proof membrane application is increasingly wide in cars and buildings, the market is extremely broad. In addition, many manufacturers in order to develop the PET product differentiation, 2 meters wide, small double pull test facilities are also popular, because of big line for new product development trials waste big, the risk is big. ( 2) To the multi-layer co-extrusion tensile development in order to improve the comprehensive performance of thin film, now more than double product line using A/B/A and A/B/C even more multilayer structure. Use multilayer co-extrusion can satisfy different USES in the production of multi-function, thin film, such as heat sealing film, high barrier film film, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, etc. ( 3) Design special film double line heat shrinkable film in convenience food, beverage market, electronic appliances, household goods, has a wide application in such aspects as shrinkage label, and requires only the horizontal have big shrinkage, which requires design make the corresponding change of tensile equipment, to meet the requirements of high transverse shrinkage. ( 4) PET film pulling of PET resin production line is composed of PTA and EG after direct esterification and polycondensation of casting slice, underwater pelletizing, drying, packaging and into PET chip goods for sale. Film manufacturers purchase PET slice, slice, including masterbatch need to dry mixing, crystallization, heat melt extrusion, melt metering, filtering, cast slice, until the last two-way stretch film. But. If the PET resin production plant and PET film double product line, and the polyester polycondensation autoclave discharging mouth by melt pipe and double line of die head, cast slice device, MDO and TDO directly connected to pull membrane, can save dry crystallization and melt extrusion, melt filter, this not only saves equipment and plant investment, save energy and reduce the production cost, and can improve the quality of the film, reduce PET slice secondary heating oxidation degradation, these are the advantage of the czochralski method. To this end, designed to adapt to straight, membrane of legal system of double line, is also a PET film two-way stretch a development direction. More than four o 'clock direction is inevitable to consider the future film production line, this is the test of production technology of thin film, and to enlarge the key construction direction of film packaging industry market.
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