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The function of a sichuan screen protection film is introduced

by:LINYANG     2020-03-20
A sichuan screen protection film with high transparent PET material imported from Japan, surface treated with highly wear-resistant scratch-resistant flowers, has the very high wear-resisting degree, also can prevent the dust, the fingerprints. The use of special silicone resin, has the very good bubble prevention function. A sichuan screen protective film is durable, can be repeatedly paste, prolong the service life of equipment screen. Increase the brightness and clarity of the screen, to screen a full range of protection. A sichuan screen protective film is suitable for all kinds of smart phones, laptops, PDA, tablet PC, GPS, PDA high quality new protection, fashion, the trend, the screen protective film increase fresh elements to your life. A plain screen protection film with special fingerprint processing, has the extremely good fingerprint resistance, attached to the screen above the fingerprint is not easy to distinguish, also easy to clean. Highly wear-resisting surface hardness of 3 h scratch-resistant flowers processing, high pure material, no rainbow line phenomenon. The use of special silicone electrostatic adsorption, no residue, can be cleaned with water reuse.
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