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The function and usage of waterproof tarpaulins

by:LINYANG     2020-03-22
Features: 1, to do all kinds of shutter farms, pig farms, cattle, poultry, etc; 2, station wharf harbor airport in open-air warehouse stacked content covered with; 3, can use up temporary granary and various outdoor cover crops; 4, can make electric power construction site construction site and other sites makeshift sheds, temporary warehouse materials. 5, used cars, trains, ships, cargo freight tarpaulin; 6. Available packaging machinery packaging machine, etc. Purpose: 1, to cover the goods high waterproof performance requirements, recommend choosing billiton tent production of PVC plastic coated cloth, knife cloth or waterproof nylon fabric, good waterproof performance of these types of products, 100% waterproof, and relatively light, high strength, strong tension; 2, used in a coal or cargo sharp, recommend choosing the figure jovan tarpaulin production tarpaulin, silicone cloth, the product wear-resisting durable. The difference between the two lies in the wax tarpaulins is heavier, easy to stick dust, and lightweight soft silicone cloth stained with dust, good ventilation; 3, the temporary use, and the valuables, so in order to save your money, recommend choosing the figure jovan production of PE tarpaulins, the products are cheap, portable, waterproof properties is good, but should not be repeated use; 4 and high performance requirements for fire prevention, recommend choosing extension tarpaulin production fireproof fabric, the product is high temperature resistant, anti-corrosion, high strength. Can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, cement, energy and other fields, can also be used as a fire curtain; 5, in the printing plant, then recommend choosing with the figure jovan production of PVC plastic coated cloth printing machines produced by the skin. This product is durable wear resistant, elastic, and easy to install, high cost performance. Especially we ShangHeng tarpaulin factory production of tent, good quality and price is qualified, is well received by the users at home and abroad, if you need, please contact us Zhao Zong. Telephone: 13754728822 details: http://www. linyangpvc。 Com/query
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