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The flame retardant of PVC film is its biggest feature

by:LINYANG     2020-06-26
PVC is still one of the more widely used plastic materials. As a polymer, its biggest feature is its good flame retardant performance, so this material is also widely used in fire protection equipment. In terms of fire protection, PVC film is also used. Due to the high transparency of this film, in many cases, the transparent film is used more often. In comparison, in fact, many devices and devices currently use this kind of PVC material, which is also an irreplaceable type of plastic materials. In many cases, we have solved many problems in life through the use of products formed from pvc films. ????This is the value of this kind of transparent film at present, and when it comes to its flame retardancy, it also has certain defects, so it needs certain treatments before it can be used normally. That is to say, it takes two steps to burn the toxic gas released without affecting people. This is a solution to the production of hydrogen chloride or toxic gas after the burning of this material.
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