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The flame retardancy of pvc film can be used for reference

by:LINYANG     2020-06-24
????????Plastic films are more plastic materials used in daily life. The ones we usually see are mobile phone stickers, car stickers, wall stickers, plastic wrap, etc. In fact, plastic is ubiquitous in our lives, and plastic film is also one of them. Even the skin care products and cosmetics used by women are covered by a film in the form of plastic film. When it comes to pvc film, in fact, this kind of film is used in some fire fighting equipment, its main feature is that its flame retardancy is better. ???????The use of this material is still very beneficial. In cities, during some quarters of change, the temperature difference between morning and night is large, and the dryness in some places is easy to cause fires. At this time, firefighters are needed to fight the fire. For these, many plastic materials can now be used in fire-fighting equipment and other fire-fighting equipment, playing a flame-retardant effect. Many of the flame retardants of these plastics are borrowed from pvc films. It can be said that the flame retardancy of this material is for reference. ??????According to the analysis of the characteristics of the plastic film and some defects, this plastic can be used where it can play a role. This is a major form of development of plastic materials and a manifestation of the development of the material industry.
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