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The factors influencing mold from type membrane force have?

by:LINYANG     2020-03-14
From type membrane or from type paper quality, mold force is an important reference item, mold force is from type membrane ( Paper) With the surface of paper needed for separation of the surface of the adhesive force, the unit often said with a g. Mold force from type membrane or the choose and buy is near the important index of paper, its size directly affect the label printing processing and application of comprehensive summary, the size of the mold strength is affected by five aspects: 1, the coating technology, coating equipment and technology of advanced or not directly affects the coating of silicon and uniformity; 2, the types of silicone oil: silicone oil quality, composition, drying principle; 3, base paper: base paper surface smoothness, density uniformity and thickness of coated silicon have influence; 4, coating weight, amount of silicone coated with mold is inversely proportional to the force; 5, adhesives, adhesive bond with mold is proportional to the force. Comprehensive above factors, the mold force can be divided into light mold, mold and mold. Use manufacturer or company in consulting or when the choose and buy to tell provider and seller you need from type membrane ( Paper) From about the scope of what type of force.
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