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The expert is how to buy protective film?

by:LINYANG     2020-03-06
To buy things, of course, basically be to see three blocks, quality, price and after-sales service in the protective film industry is no exception, the quality is the key, which requires the buyer must have a knowledge of products for their own use, so as to suit the remedy to the case. Secondly, the price, protective film is mainly used in product packaging, cost saving is to see how to spend the least money to buy the best goods. Finally, the post-sale service, the use of protective film is a long time, generally use manufacturer to order in a month, so the service is the protective film supplier buyers are important factors to consider. To prevent some dealers from their own interests, recommend some fake and shoddy goods to customers. Should choose to high-profile, stable quality and good after-sales service protection film products of the enterprise. Check whether the identification of the purchased product packaging, logo is complete ( Including the execution of the standard, grade, production enterprise name, address, date of production) Packaging is rigid, instruction content and product match, take precautions against exaggerated and with the facts. Observe the appearance quality of the protective film, including color, transparency, viscosity, if there is a crystal point on the protective film, small hole. Check whether the use function of protective film, flexible, and reliable should choose comparing the product of two or more to check, at the time of test, select the corresponding comparison test, two or more products to find the correspondency of their products. After the test, to to roughly estimate the service life of the protective film, if it is temporary protective film, to see whether after the protective film off with glue.
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