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The evolution of the mobile phone protective film material

by:LINYANG     2020-03-14
The evolution of the mobile phone protective film materials, we can find that cell phone protective film material has experienced from PP to PVC, PVC to PET, ARM's four stages of development, and constantly in the process of the development of perfect and mature. At present, with the material of PET mobile phone protective film material has become the mainstream of the market, while the first PP, PVC has already been eliminated by the market, withdrew from the stage of history. So mobile phone protective film lam jan himore 【 400 - 6666 - 322 】 Material is how to evolve? At present mobile phone protective film mainly what material? Days of Nevada to introduce the history of mobile phone protective film material. A, fathers - PP mobile phone protective film materials PP coating materials were the first to appear in the screen protective film on the market, is one of the fathers of mobile phone protective film material. Also known as polypropylene, PP material is a kind of semi crystalline material. It has good moisture absorption, resistance to acid and alkali corrosion resistance, resistance to solubility, etc. But there are also small density, low transparency and gloss, defects such as low rigidity. When processed into mobile phone protective film material will appear soft and anti-scrape abrasion resistance is low, less transparent display the phenomenon such as the effect not beautiful. And because the PP coating material itself does not have adsorption, the phones have protective film material coated with a layer of glue, the glue tends to corrode screen, and torn off screen residue pollution extremely easily, so eliminated by protective film materials manufacturers, now on the market without a trace. Second, the economy is in - PVC mobile phone protective film materials due to the shortcomings of PP mobile phone protective film materials can't satisfy the demand of the market, has been better performance than the PP material of PVC mobile phone protective film, it is a composed of vinyl chloride monomer polymerization of thermoplastic polymer, called polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in Chinese. It has the corrosion resistant, difficult to burn, antimicrobial and good heat preservation and elasticity. Because of PVC with good properties, is widely used. Materials such as PVC pipe, plastic film used in the greenhouse cultivation and so on. PVC material screen protective film and the biggest characteristic is compared PP material of the protective film, itself has a certain viscosity, solved the PP material must use glue paste deficiency. But the disadvantage of PVC protective film is protective film thicker, light transmittance is poor, and since the weatherability and stability of the PVC material itself is low, the use of long time will appear with the change of the temperature will be yellowing phenomenon, live shorter lives. Three, the mainstream - PET mobile phone protective film material three layers of PET protective film material is the mainstream of mobile phone protective film on the market at present. Also classification at present most high protective film materials have been derived through scratch-resistant flowers, Gao Qingfang fingerprints against glare, grinding, grinding fingerprints, nanometer grinding, diamond film, mirror film, prevent peep membrane material etc. Chemical called PET polyester film, plastic film is a kind of high polymer. It has high strength, transparency, good gloss, colorless, odorless, non-toxic, high toughness characteristics, have good wear resistance, folding resistance, the pinhole resistance and tear resistance, etc. PET mobile phone protective film material is a superior of PP and PVC is it a hard and scratch resistance is higher, the use of long time there will be no yellowing phenomenon. PET mobile phone protective film material in terms of viscosity is different from PP and PVC protective film materials, it fully USES the electrostatic adsorption, green environmental protection free from contamination. PET protective film and a characteristic can be repeatedly used, as long as the protective film in the clear water wash clean can repeat paste. PET material cost is much higher than PVC, but the performance and the effect is more outstanding than PP and PVC, some mobile phone manufacturers in order to improve its brand reputation, will the PET protective film with mobile bonus material. Also have businesses will separate out their packaging protective film sale, price within one hundred yuan more. Because our country PET material production technology level cannot meet the market demand, so some of the most high quality brands choose base material imported from Japan, South Korea and other places, which is why we often see some protective film materials manufacturers will be introduced to their products in the product promotion of base material use imported materials such as Japan, South Korea. Fourth, perfect the - ARM material protective film ARM materials are currently on the market the best protective film, protective film cost is highest cost of mobile phone protective film material. It itself is not merely a kind of material, but a composite material of the protective film, it has all the advantages of PET material. With PET mobile phone protective film material differs its outer layer for special processing, rather than pure PET layer. ARM material HC for hardening on the surface, and anti-scrape wear-resisting performance better. ARM material has as much as 96% of light transmittance, and not reflective surface. More importantly, the ARM material protective film of longer service life. Because the ARM of the protective film material price is higher, the profit space is larger, the circulation of materials on the market at present mixed company. There are some unscrupulous manufacturers in the production of inferior ARM phone protective film shoddy deceive the public. You must carefully when buy identification, avoid being deceived.
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