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The difference between the two materials of the rain cloth

by:LINYANG     2022-12-05
The common materials of rain cloth are canvas and nylon, etc., which can be used in the production of simple tents, chicken houses, pig houses, equipment storage yards, construction sites, as well as agricultural cultivation goods, storage, transportation, ports, ships, industrial facilities and daily life. Wait. Don't you know the difference between rain cloth and nylon canvas? From the quality of rain cloth, it can be divided into many types. Take nylon and canvas materials as an example, nylon is a chemical product, and the production cost of nylon It is very low. Compared with cloth canvas, nylon and canvas have their own advantages. Cheap is a great advantage of nylon, and in terms of output, nylon also has a great advantage. The canvas is different. The density of the canvas directly affects the appearance, feel, thickness, strength, folding resistance, air permeability, wear resistance and thermal performance of the fabric and other physical and mechanical indicators. Therefore, in the production of canvas The capital required is far more than nylon. In general, the density of canvas is also related to the cost and production efficiency of the product, but canvas has an absolute advantage in quality, whether it is in terms of service life or time of use, the use of canvas Time, but far more than the use of nylon. Therefore, most rain cloths also use this material.
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