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The difference between tarpaulin and nylon canvas

by:LINYANG     2023-03-25
Nylon and canvas are completely different materials in tarpaulins, but they are often confused with each other. For the personnel of Zhongshan PE tarpaulin manufacturers, this is a very helpless thing, and many people will encounter consumers asking about this difference. There are many kinds of waterproof tarpaulins. Take nylon as an example. It is a chemical product with low production cost. Compared with canvas, nylon and canvas have their own advantages. At the same time, the density of the canvas is also related to the cost and production efficiency of the product, but the quality of the canvas has advantages. In terms of service life or use time, the use time of the canvas is much longer than that of the nylon. Nylon is cheaper than canvas, so cheapness is a big advantage of nylon, and nylon also has a great advantage in terms of output. Different canvases, the density of the canvas directly affects the physical and mechanical indicators such as the appearance, feel, thickness, strength, bending strength, air permeability, wear resistance and heat insulation of the fabric. Therefore, the capital required to produce canvas far exceeds that of nylon. Tarpaulin machinery enterprises should adopt good energy-saving technologies, and optimize the design of plastic mechanical structures, control methods and tarpaulin operating process conditions according to energy consumption to meet market demand.
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