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The difference between shrink film and stretch film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-13
Shrinkable film used in a variety of products sales and transportation. Its main function is stable, cover and protect the product. Shrinkable film must have high durable sex, good contractility and contraction stress. In the process of contraction, the film does not produce the hole. Because the shrinkable film often are suitable for outdoors, so you need to add UV UV radiation dose. Wrap film, also called stretch film, 拉伸fllm) , tackifier and linear polyethylene LLDPE resin imported special fertilizer proportion formula production. The earliest domestic PVC as the backing material, plasticizer DOA for plays a role of adhesive and the production of PVC wrap film. Due to the environmental protection, high cost, Relative than major, PE packing unit area is less) And stretchability reason, when in 1994 ~ 1995 domestic began to produce PE stretch film to be eliminated gradually. PE stretch film first with EVA as the adhesive material, but its cost is high, and there was a taste, after the development for adhesive material, with PIB and VLDPE base material LLDPE as party now, including C4 and C6 and C8 and metallocene PE ( MPE) 。 Shrink film is used with heat shrinkable machine, the quality of a material is brittle, heat shrinkable machine boot to the shrinkable film blowing, after the film will appear contraction phenomenon, if you operate properly will look very good; Wrap film texture is soft, is playing outside wrapping.
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