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The difference between pvc film and ordinary film

by:LINYANG     2020-06-24
???????Many times, we will use plastic products, whether in daily life or other places. Basically, the residents in the city can no longer do without the products formed by plastics. As the main plastic film at present, the current type of pvc film is relatively new, and this type of film also has a huge effect in flame retardancy. And what is the difference between this kind of pvc film and general film or film? ?????The general film is mainly covered with glue directly on the surface of the board at normal temperature and pressure. This operation is relatively fast, but after one or two years, the film is easy to fall off. The PVC film is different, it is applied to the surface of the plate at a high temperature of 110 degrees using a special vacuum laminator, so it is not easy to fall off. PVC is completely non-toxic and odorless, without any irritation to human skin or respiratory system. For those who are allergic to wood and paint, furniture or kitchen utensils packed with PVC film are very suitable. ????By using PVC-type films as decorative films, people can use medium-density board, wood shavings, plywood and fiberboard in large quantities to reduce the amount of wood used, thereby reducing the damage to the forest and the environment.
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