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The difference between electrostatic membrane production technology

by:LINYANG     2020-02-29
A, blown film + plus glue blown film and coating of this type of technology appear earlier, in this industry is one of the earliest technology. Yang science and technology 400 - electrostatic film manufacturer 6666 - 322 compared to production technology now does 'backward' but can't say this kind of products is bad, just glue electrostatic membrane is not convenient in use, especially protected items need to remove the protective film after processing then glue protective film tended to be residual glue residual stains on it. Glue type of film because its production process is simple, needs less equipment investment is also often is the choice of many small manufacturer. Two or three layers co-extrusion this technology is currently on the market the most common form of production technology, to later appear than the first one. About 5 years began to be popular. Compared to the first technique, USES the three layers co-extrusion technology made this film is very popular. Characteristics is to make film need not glue, depend on the electrostatic adsorption principle can be applied directly to the protected object surface, easy tear stick easily, easy to use. Currently on the market the most commonly used three layer co-extrusion blown film, introduced from outside the millions of machinery and equipment, and has a dust-free production workshop the difference of different process 1, the first process because the time is so early mature, and make the more simple, the equipment has also don't need too much investment. Any things are always two sides to everything, of course, although the first production is simpler, the various needs of customers can be very good solution, for example, a very short answer some industry products needs high temperature has certain requirements for protective film, blown film and coating of this process because it is a separate steps so a little resistance to high temperature properties of membrane will do a good job at the same time be good glue again so easily finished the special needs of customers. There are many shortcomings, such as high temperature, glue is easy to melt stink after removal of the protective film surface residue of glue stains, use for a long time after the glue once the metamorphism is easy to fall off, etc. 2, the second process, in a very good solution to the easy to use the key point of glue) has its drawbacks as well as other aspects on this problem. Took the above high temperature electrostatic membrane, because of its focus on easy to use, without glue, combined with the characteristics of high temperature electrostatic membrane viscosity is not high. They are a kind of relation, and resistance to high temperature, the higher the viscosity. Is it in the current industry technical difficulties.
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