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The development status of PVC greenhouse film in China

by:LINYANG     2020-01-16


The application of PVC greenhouse film in China began in the 1960s S. The products include blow molding film and compression film. Because pvc greenhouse film has good thermal insulation, initial strength and light transmittance are better than PE film, pvc film has been the main domestic greenhouse film in the past. In recent years, due to the consideration of low cost and simple production of PE film, in addition, PVC film has complex formulation process, plasticizer toxicity, plasticizer migration and dust absorption, and the dosage is greatly reduced. At present, PE film is the main domestic greenhouse film, and PVC greenhouse film is mainly used in the northern region.

It is worth noting that PVC greenhouse films currently account for 50% of the total greenhouse films in the world, and the highest in Japan is over 70%. Japanese greenhouse films are longevity, high light transmission, high insulation, no droplets, dust-free, non-toxic multi-functional films, life expectancy is generally 3 years to soil: some 5-8 years, no droplet period can be as long as 4 years. China's PVC greenhouse film should also be developed in the above direction, because PVC film is easier to achieve longevity and long-term effect than PE film.

Briefly describe the development status of PVC greenhouse film in China

SG2 or SG3 PV (; Resin, other additives can choose main plasticizer DOP, auxiliary plasticizer DOA and epoxy soybean {By waiting, UV absorber UV- 9. Antioxidant bisphenol A and triphenyl phosphite, etc. It should be noted that diisobutyl phthalate (DIBP) Plasticizer is harmful to crops due to the toxicity of DIBP. No drops mainly use polyglycerol stearate, S-60, S-40 and so on. The anti-fog of PVC greenhouse film is added with special anti-fog agent. At present, the dust-proof function is mainly to coat the surface with dust-proof layer. In addition, a small amount of ultra-fine inorganic powder filler can play a role in adsorption and slow release, prolong the drip-free holding period and reduce the migration of plasticizer.

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