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The development of the protective film in shenzhen

by:LINYANG     2020-03-18
With the speeding up of economic globalization and the rapid development of China's economy, China has become the world's largest and most attractive market. In the chemical industry adhesive tape, protective film and adhesive market is expanding rapidly, China has become a world of adhesive industry processing production and consumption power, is growing at 16% a year. Adhesive industry has become the most dynamic in the chemical industry in our country the important industry. With the development of economy and the progress of science and technology, increasingly expanding application fields, especially the adhesive tape, protective film and the adhesive is widely applied to electronics, mobile phones, photoelectric, communication, packaging, building, paper making, woodworking, aerospace, automobile, textile, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, medical industry, etc. It become one of the fastest growing industry of chemical engineering in China. 1, the adhesive tape: mainly include packing tape, printing tape, packing tape, tape, electrical tape, electrical/electronic tape supply radiation, chemical adhesive tape, double-sided tape, adhesive tape, stationery tape, medical tape, kraft paper tape, textured paper tape, wire harness tape, duct tape, high temperature tape, not only chemical adhesive tape, film tape, hot melt adhesive, adhesive label, such as pressure sensitive film to stick adhesive tape products and die cutting processing. 2, protective film, PE, PVC, PET, BOPP, LDPE protective film. Including surface protective film, stretch film, shrink film, stretch film, and to take ( Packing belt) , hot melt adhesive film, stamping film, composite film, protective film, LCD protective film, laptop diaphragm of protective film, digital camera, mobile phone protective film, protective film, optical protective film, double-sided LED protective film, static film, high temperature resistant film, PET aluminum plating film and other kinds of protective film with film packaging material. 3, self-adhesive materials: all kinds of paper and film adhesive materials and products. Mainly include: PE, PVC, PET stickers, all kinds of label material, trademarks, stickers, label, cold machine film, PP gum, reflective film, roll film, double-sided adhesive adhesive products, etc. 4, raw materials and chemical products: all kinds of adhesive products production with raw materials and chemical products, including adhesives, resins, silica gel, glue, solvents, wax, heat melt glue, additives, printing ink and all kinds of gold material, printed material, auxiliary materials, etc. 5. Production equipment and equipment: all kinds of adhesive products related equipment, including coating machine, slitting machine, compound machine, die-cutting machine, die-cutting equipment, molding machine, plastic equipment, labeling machine, packaging machine, winding machine, thickness gauge analysis instrument, sizing tools and technologies, related packaging and printing equipment, etc. Shenzhen and the pearl river delta. Adhesive tape, protective film, and the many stickers of various enterprises and manufacturers, 50% of the domestic market. In recent years, 80% of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan manufacturers have set up production plants in the pearl river delta, adhesives, adhesive tape, protective film industry is relatively developed, between the pearl river delta is China's largest production base of adhesive tape, protective film and adhesive. Shenzhen also brings together a large number of electronic, cell phone, photoelectric, automotive, packaging industry sectors such as manufacturers, adhesive tape, protective film and adhesive provides integrated and comprehensive one-stop sourcing platform. Strong industrial base, large Windows demand, interest obvious advantages, opportunity not to be missed. The pearl river delta with the national important photoelectric, electronics, mobile communications, computer, consumer electronics, household electrical appliances production enterprise, lenovo, samsung, byd, AUX, Toshiba, desai, TCL, LG and so on one batch of excellent brand production enterprise. Is to the important production base of electronic, export important region, consumption, shenzhen is a smart phone, digital camera, video camera, portable computer penetration of the highest, highlighted the application of good market prospects. Radiation adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, southeast Asia, the world's geographic location, is the important window of foreign trade adhesive industry.
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