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The development of pvc film as a plastic product

by:LINYANG     2020-06-27
As we all know, plastic is currently the most used type of material in cities, and the development of plastic is also very rapid. At present, there are many types of plastic materials, including PVC and other materials with high plasticity and ductility, which This material is also the second most used plastic material in the world. It can be seen that its use range is very high, and the number of uses is also large, and the reason why it is used so much is mainly because of its plasticity, which can form different forms of shapes under different doses of plasticizers, and The change in hardness is also very large, such polyvinyl chloride has become one of the most used plastic materials in cities. As a plastic material, PVC film is its main form, and it is also the main material of plastic film. ????The emergence of pvc film also provides a development path for industries requiring transparent film or transparent packaging. Due to the addition of plasticizers, the pvc film it forms has a certain viscosity and is more transparent than ordinary Ethylene is better, so this kind of film is also called PVC transparent film, which is the main form of plastic film in the city at present.
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